The Radio Rejects
The Radio Rejects
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    So you are wondering what the hell a “radio reject” is….It is 2 people that got canned from their radio station and because of contracts can’t be on the radio sp thought….what the heck…let’s podcast….and ya know what?  For some dumb reason it’s working! 


    “What Men Are Really Thinking” is a segment per episode where Wes explains to you what your husbands, boyfriends, guy friends or that male hook up is really thinking when he gives you no real answers.

    “Doctor and The Douche” Dr Rapkin and Douche Wes will give you advice from a doctors prospective and that of an under-educated flake… decide what advice fits you best.

    “Bar Talk”  Wes takes the podcast on the road to small townie bars and drinks with old fellas while they talk worldly topics.

    Grand Marshal Wes

    I use that term because I was actually the Grand Marshal of a parade in Greenfield once and I have never had any other title so I go with that one.  I also wanted to go by White Cheddar but nobody will ever call me that.  I own This network with my partner and best friend Allison…though she is more in charge and won’t give me a company CC.

    Allison the Boss Lady

    I have owned many successful businesses so I thought what’s one more….But I was drinking that day and the next day realized it was with Wes and what’s more I had zero idea until late 2017 WTF podcasting was…but now I get it…know more the 90% of people about podcasting and believe in this more than anything else I have done…Ok that last sentence I was drinking again.

    Lady LuLu

    So I really have no idea what any of these people do outside of make me do things that they don’t want to do.  Boss Lady Allison brought me on a few years ago but what was in the job description was NOTHING like what I am doing here… but if I leave I am afraid they will steal my car….and dog…..and phone….So I stay out of fear and I guess they can be mildly amusing.

    Eric the UNPAID Graphic Intern

    When I say I am unpaid that is 100% true because I am related to the Boss lady…who not only doesn’t pay me but terrorizes me regularly.  I say I am an intern because I am not paid by these guys but they email…call…text….inbox….tweet….etc me multiple times a day with their needs.  If you guys are reading this I do have an everyday job….


    (I am still Wes’s boss no matter what he says) - What can I say.  Wes has been in radio for over 20 years and the last 15 with the same company yet nobody wanted to work with him including me.  Well I was offered trips and money all of which I have yet to see but none the less I still do this.  The only reason I continue to do it is I don’t have to leave Florida or my house for that matter so what the hell.  But if anybody is listening and likes what they hear with me I would jump ship in a second.

    Amanda Morden

    Director of Marketing/ sales / Fun/ Games/ Cat herding.  I am the newest member of Edge/ The Radio Reject….I basically am here because these people have zero idea what they are doing and need me.  It’s kind of like being a babysitter after children got into soda and candy….but they don’t pee themselves………..well they don’t ALWAYS pee themselves.

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