The Radio Rejects
The Radio Rejects
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    My Humble Beginnings

    I find that headline funny so I left it there!  I have NEVER been humble….actually VERY narcissistic!  I grew up in Minneapolis and  ended up in radio completely by accident and all for women!  I saw an ugly radio guy talking to a million girls so I said….Pfffft I can learn to love Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC.  So I did that for 22 years….15 of those in Milwaukee.  When I was fired in Aug of 2017 and realized I wasn’t good at anything else and was legally bound to stay off the radio I said….hmmmm….PORN.  I mean PODCASTING!  And I could not be happier and as long as I can buy some biscuits and pay for cable I will probably never go back.  I have teamed up with a woman in Allison Phillips that has a drive for not only having her own business but one that is like nobody else’s…and I would say that is FOR SURE what we have here!  Myself and Jojo have a pretty special yet very odd bond that is like no other which comes across on the air.  I also do the Podcast… and produce a few others in our network Pey Pey The Podcaster, World of Futsal with Keith Tozer and Call Me Taboo.  Check them all out if you love podcasts!

    Upcoming Events

    Taco Tuesdays

    Because it’s a freakin taco!  It should be celebrated…and it’s Tuesday and Tuesday’s get no respect.

    Where's Wes?

    Try to find me in the city and win some great Radio Reject swag.  This was basically my idea to get out of our offices cause that place is real boring!

    Brass Tap Sing-Off

     It’s like Idol meets The Voice meets The Four…but Karaoke…in Greenfield…and a bar…with a crappier judge.

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    Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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